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Day Cruise

A day cruise is a single round trip voyage which takes the passengers to a pre-determined location. Thus, it is a popular choice among people who simply want to unwind after a long week of work. Many major tour companies offer a day cruise to popular destinations. To avail of this offer, the interested tourist may simply go to the company's website and look for the day cruise schedule. They may even get the ticket for the day cruise on the site itself. These companies accept major credit cards thus a day cruise is very easy to purchase. There may even be discounts for some of these trips.

Popular destinations for a day cruise

The Bahamas is a popular location for a day cruise. This is a country that boasts of beautiful beaches among its many islands. The day cruise would take the passengers to a chosen beach where they can soak up the sun as long as they want. Passengers of a day cruise would even have the chance to mingle with other people while the ship waits for their return to the dock. The scenery in the Bahamas is better appreciated in a day cruise since the passengers are able to view the luscious green of the area. During the sea trip, the tourists would already see the many islands of the Bahamas.

Since a day cruise can be very short, the passengers would not have much time in enjoying the amenities of the ship. Certain rooms which can be used for dancing may not be open during the day cruise. However, the dining area always welcomes the passengers of a day cruise. There are many different food items that can be found in a day cruise restaurant. Aside from the common menu available in other locations, the day cruise chef would cook up recipes that are known in the area they are about to dock in. Thus, a Bahamas day cruise would have food items that are common in the area.

What to bring on a day cruise

Swimwear is important in a day cruise. Passengers are all expected to go down the ship once it has been properly docked. They would then spend the rest of the day swimming or relaxing in the beaches. Passengers should also have their cameras at all times so that they can easily take pictures when good opportunities come. It is also important to wear protective items such as sunglasses or caps especially during the midday.

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